Dusk Riders of Chondath

Pt. 39 - Inn of the Damned

The quiet within the tavern was both heavy and oppressive. The Riders, still fatigued from fighting their way indoors, silently collected their breath while the Orcs that filled this place stared astonished that anyone would be not just foolish enough to enter the fallen city of Arrabar, but also risk the rampant dead that freely walk there at night.

After a moment’s pause and numerous exchanges of glances, the silence was shattered by a ferocious battle cry. Whether the noise was from a Rider or from an Orc is academic as once the sound was made, both sides clashed with a horrific intensity. The Rider tore into the Orcs and made it obvious that this was their last chance to feed off of the carrion that previously comprised Chondath’s glorious capital. The heroes of Chondath had finally returned to Chondath’s seat of power, and while these Orcs would never know whether the Riders would ultimately be successful in their goal of restoring the King, they would certainly know very soon that there exists no better group of adventurers in Chondath than the Dusk Riders.

As Mathis, Munn and Banner locked steel with the Orcs, Nyria, Baern, Amnon, and Mathis secured the flanks and the door to the inn – especially once it was obvious that additional living dead and Hell Hounds were ready to rush indoors. Once the doors were secured, it made the Orcs inside realize that now it was they who were trapped and fighting for their lives. As the Riders exchanged reassured glances that the battle was moving to an end game, windows to the Inn burst open and multiple demons flew through and joined the fray. While no one could be faulted for pausing to speculate just what manner of horror wasn’t currently roaming Arrabar, the Riders never stopped and continued littering the floor with their fallen enemies while Mathis and Baern prepared to not just clean the city, but sanctify it as well.

The Demons unleashed an unholy howl which attracted a ravenous pack of Ghouls to collect indoors and befoul the room. No Orc still stood at this point, so the Riders were able to focus their attentions on providing all of these woeful creatures the peaceful rest that Queen Leonare had previously denied them all. Nyria’s arrows found their way into many skulls, while Horatio and Munn fought harder to outpace each other in kill tallies. Both majestic warriors were greatly assisted by Banner’s tactical mastery and it provided the respite needed by Baern to support his comrades while channeling the divine providence of his savior, Pelor. Equally magnificent in his command of divinity was Mathis as this battle once again proved his unending wisdom and command of overwhelming spectral powers. Finally, there was Amnon, who’s mastery of weaponry made many an Orc long to return outside – amongst the walking dead – given that such a scenario felt far safe to the circumstances they faced now.

At last, this battle was over and the windows and doors of the inn were made secure. Exhausted from the exchange, the Riders collected themselves and begin to examine their location in order to make plans towards how they could first find Ashby and then unseat The Reaver, Gurgan and his Queen Leonare.

As the Riders explored the room, a set of frightened eyes could be seen peering over the bar. Munn, seeing them first, wiped blood from himself without care given that none of it was his own and moved closer. On approaching, a distraught and emaciated serving girl was discovered and Nyria and Baern rushed closer to assist and comfort her.

The girl, long held captive here at the inn in order to serve at the whim of the Orcish occupying army, could not believe that help had finally arrived. Fearing that the makeshift protections would not be enough to protect them all, the girl asked the Riders to follow her into the wine cellar immediately. Once inside the cellar, the ransacked materials make it all the more clear that this girl had been forced to serve the Orcs all night and then recuperate here amongst the garbage all day. As a result of the comfort shown her by both Baern and Nyria, the girl made an awkward smile – much more awkward due to a terrible lack of recent practice than any deceit in her heart – and in her ultimate expression of trust, she triggered a mechanism on a cask that opened a passage. The girl looked back at the Riders and said, “Let me please take you to Chondath’s resistance.”



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