Dusk Riders of Chondath

Pt. 1 - Dusk Riders of Chondath Back Story

Things have not been going well for Chondath. Despite early successes for the kingdom, initial gains have been retaken by enemy forces and surprise military campaigns have gone disastrously.

When things looked their bleakest, a slight reprieve came for Chondath in the form of an offer to join the kingdoms of Chondath and Turmish through a marriage between Prince Geyar of Chondath and Princess Leonare of Turmish, daughter of Hesiod the Forbidding.

The impending ceremony has captivated both kingdoms and offered a welcome reprieve from warfare as both the Prince and Princess are renowned for their kindness and willingness to work together while vigilantly fostering harmony between these damaged nations.

Yet despite the onset on such a joyous union between these young visionaries, the ruler of Chondath, William the Valiant, remains reserved in his enthusiasm as he fears his council chamber has been compromised.

Prior to the uneasy truce, the King believed that strategic secrets were leaking out of the planning chamber straight into the hands of the enemy. Since his suspicions first arose, the King has become reluctant to voice concerns or remedies to his council out of fear of being compromised.

The King’s concerns have become grim enough that he has sought trusted soldiers to act on state business, without intermediaries, as a means of uncovering who might be compromising the integrity of the royal hall and determine those that can be depended upon during this awkward period of reconciliation.

As a result, the King has a firm commitment to bring together a morally dependable and elite fighting force that can be entrusted with fortifying the kingdom. In fact, a covert group is being assembled and marked as emissaries of the King. Nicknamed “The Dusk Riders,” the King has handpicked his finest and most trustworthy members of the militia to act as his eyes, ears and even sword should the kingdom be jeopardized by those that would do it harm.

You are a Dusk Rider. You have been trained by the finest members of the King’s Army with the goal of protecting the kingdom from any that would cause it harm. Your outer gear mirrors that of normal troops, but beneath the military dressing, resides your weapon of choice – a tool of war that was crafted by the finest weaponsmith in all of Chondath using a smooth silver that remains both sharp and ever true. More importantly, your weapon alerts any individual who sees it that you are an warrior empowered by the throne of Chondath to ensure justice within the Kingdom. In addition to your royal crested weapon, your shoulder has been marked to permanently bear the crest of the King and will receive other markings of glory as you enact the King’s will. These markings have a deep rooted history in the Chondath military and it is said that to know the extent of a man’s deeds in Chondath, one had only examine his ink …


Happy Six Year Anniversary Dusk Riders!!!!!! :)


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