Dusk Riders of Chondath

pt. 41 - Dawn of the Second Age

In the very plainest of terms, Chondath has been reborn. Gurgan the Reaver no longer draws breath or defiles the throne with his presence. The undead forces of the Necrotic Queen have been laid to rest once more while their creator has return to the shadows, afraid to show her face lest the Dusk Riders finally force her to answer for her crimes once and for all.

Chondath has finally been allowed to heal. Despite a war that tore her in half and left both the land and the capital city of Arrabar ever scarred, or even the multitude of other grievous wounds that she has suffered under Gurgan’s rule, Chondath has never shined brighter. King William the Valiant has returned to his throne and the citizens of Chondath have begun a mission of healing and restoration. Areas that suffered under Orcish rule have since flushed out any occupying forces and have set out to reinvigorate Chondath by fortifying the various cities and moving from a time of peril, to a period of unbridled growth and prosperity.

Driving this rebirth is a collected group of heroes. Born and bred within Chondath, trained by Chondath’s finest battle master and supported without question by King William himself, they comprise the stuff of legend. While they arose as strangers to Chondath’s people, truth be told, they are now better known than the King’s own son. They are the Dusk Riders – a company that is more force of nature than mortal beings. It was the Riders that delivered the killing blow to Gurgan and routed the Necrotic Queen. It was also the Riders that restored life to the King so that he could rule once again. Following those great acts, the Riders then traveled the land to ensure that no token Orcish warlord dared try to retain even the smallest parcel of Chondathian soil, but instead flee the borders of this great land rather than receive death at the hands of the Dusk Riders.

With the land restored, it is said that the King inked each Rider personally with a marking of the highest honor – The Lion’s Pride. Only William himself previously carried this mark, but now each member of the Dusk Riders now carries a marking that connects them to the fighting spirit of each Chondathian so that in a time of need, the Rider may call upon the marking and channel the collective fury of Chondath in order to smite any foe.

With all Chondathians supporting and cherishing their heroes, the Riders have returned to the Chondalwood, the dense and untamed wilderness that houses the Duskholme. From their seat of power, the Riders continue their training and mystical exploration until the time comes again when King William calls them forth to act on behalf of the throne and enjoy victory once again!



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