Ashby Hammerfist

Battlemaster of Chondath and Trainer of the Dusk Riders


Ashby has a scared bald and weathered head that substantiate his many hours in battle. While unassuming in all other ways, Hammersmith is renowned for his large yet impeccably tailored mustache that acts as the only element which authenticates his position within the King’s council. For those fortunate enough to see Ashby’s Rider markings, evidence of his numerous victories on behalf of King William cover his body and provide all the history one needs to know why no one else holds a position within the Chondath military that is higher than Ashby’s position as Battlemaster.


The most trusted associate of the King, Ashby is a brilliant military tactician while also acting as the clandestine leader of The Dusk Riders. Each member of the Dusk Riders was handpicked by Ashby for their trustworthiness, cunning, battle heartiness and devotion to the throne.

Ashby Hammersmith is the most trusted associate of King William the Valiant and has fought aside “The Lion of Chondath” for as long as either can remember. In the days since King William the Valiant’s demise, Ashby has done his best to re-take the throne of Chondath while also helping the Dusk Riders receive the assistance they need.

Ashby Hammerfist

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