Gurgan the Reaver

The Most Fearsome Orc Warlord to ever Terrorize Chondath!


An enormous and powerful Orc that knows no equal in strength or stature. Gurgan the Reaver stands nearly eight feet in height and casts on aura of foreboding to any within his fearsome presence.


While Orcish Warlords are not at all uncommon, no Orc is more legendary than Gurgan the Reaver. When Orcs describe one of their own as a practitioner of violence and brutality that transcends the work of any other Orc, the listener should know that the Orc in question practices a level of cruelty multiple orders of magnitude worse than his closest peer.

Gurgan the Reaver is known too for the torrents of blood that he leaves in his wake. In fact, Gurgan had previously laid waste to the kingdom of Aglarond while a hired thug of the Red Wizards of Thay. Once his terrible work in Aglarond was done, Gurgan somehow met the acquaitance of Princess Leonare and fostered a repugnant love that has since gained Princess Leonare the throne of Chondath and Gurgan a near endless array of victims on which to practice his brutal arts.

Upon hearing that Gurgan was raiding within his kingdom, even the Lion of Chondath, King William, the Valiant gave pause. Currently, Gurgan is seeking to secure Chondath for his love, Princess Leonare while simultaneously doing his best to rid himself of the Dusk Riders, Chondath‘s last hope. Assisting Gurgan in his atrocious aims is Korvar the Hideous, an Orcish siege engineer responsible for the fall of many kingdoms and one of Gurgan’s hand-trained warlords.

Gurgan the Reaver

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