King William the Valiant

King of Chondath. Original Leader of the Dusk Riders


In his prime with the Dusk Riders, was renown as Chondath’s most fearsome and battle ready warrior.


William the Valiant was an original member of The Dusk Riders – a covert collection of adventurers that banded together and ultimately founded the Kingdom of Chondath.

King William was a bold leader who loved the country he forged and fortified through multiple ferocious campaigns. King William was a stern and serious man that could not help but ponder every scenario of state affairs to ensure that he always acts in the best interest of his land and its people. The King made his home in the capital of Chondath – the city of Arrabar. King William was married to Queen Alynd until her death due to mysterious circumstances right when Chondath was waging a major military campaign that Chondath ultimately lost. Together, King William and Queen Alynd had one child, Prince Geyar, heir to the throne of Chondath. In life, King William’s most trusted friend and advisor was Ashby Hammersmith, Battlemaster of Chondath.

King William the Valiant, fearing betrayal within his royal court, mustered the Dusk Riders again in order to protect Chondath in its darkest hour! Alas, it was at the Wedding Ceremony of Prince Geyarand Princess Leonare that King William the Valiant was murdered by Orcs dressed as Dusk Riders. Worse yet, King William was re-animated and forced to relentlessly attack the Dusk Riders while under the control of Princess Leonare. King William the Valiant suffered this horrible torment until his soul, which was imprisoned within a priceless stone known as ‘The Heart of Chondath,’ was released when The Dusk Riders destroyed it and freed King.

Now, it seems that the King has been imprisoned by the Black Fang Gnolls after being captured along with the Prince after a failed rescue attempt. So, while the King does indeed live, no one currently knows where he is being held, but the Prince is adamant the he be the one to find him!

King William the Valiant

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