Prince Geyar

Prince of Chondath, Husband of Princess Leonare


Minor battle training, but forced, by King William the Valiant to focus on scholarly practices of the Battle Arts.


Son of King William the Valiant and Queen Alynd.

Despite being the son of King William the Valiant, the most ferocious and accomplished warrior in the Vilhon Reach, Prince Geyar was thought not ready for true battle by his father and instead was forced to focus upon scholarly pursuits.

While drowning within his father’s shadow, Prince Geyar wished for the opportunity to prove himself adept in both battle and affairs of the state – ideally as a Dusk Rider, but he never received the chance. Right as King William the Valiant was reinstating the Dusk Riders, it became politically necessary for Prince Geyar to partake in a marriage union with Princess Leonare and bring peace between Chondath and the country of Turmish.

Geyar detested being part of the arranged marriage to Princess Leonare, but was unable to refuse his father’s wishes or risk dishonoring his deceased mother, Queen Alynd.

As a result of being denied a dream comparable to the legendary career of his father, Prince Geyar resented the Dusk Riders and took every opportunity her could to make his disfavor known.

It was through the courtship and arrangement of the marriage between Prince Geyar and Princess Leonare that the Princess was able to murder Queen Alynd and plot the assassination of King William the Valiant. When King William the Valiant was murdered, Prince Geyar was momentarily King of Chondath, but quickly fell victim to the invading Orcish hoard of Gurgan the Reaver and is thought to be held by the invading Orcish army.

Currently, the Prince is questing within the Underdark in the hopes of recovering his father and restoring his name.

Prince Geyar

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