Princess Leonare

Then Princess, but now Queen of Chondath and its Most Malevolent Enemy


When first seen by the Dusk Riders, the Princess’ natural grace and beauty captivated the group immediately. Sadly, the Princess’ alabaster skin and silken hair only masked her black heart and unquenchable thirst for power. Despite the Princess’ lovely visage, when she unleashes the full fury of her necrotic arts, none could blame any man who found the need to avert their eyes or steel their heart.


Intended to marry Prince Geyar and act as the catalyst in a union between Chondath and her home country of Turmish, Princess Leonare secretly plotted the most vile form of necromancy ever seen within the Vilhon Reach. Schooled in the dark arts at the Dark Altar near Bleakton, Princess Leonare represented herself as the epitome of goodness in order to mask her true intent – total rule of the Vilhon Reach.

Devising a scheme that had already claimed the lives of Queen Alynd, King William the Valiant, her loyal servant, Duncan Lurder and almost her own father, Princess Leonare sought to marry Prince Geyar, assume the throne and then allow her Orc lover, Gurgan the Reaver to rule at her side.

Despite her ill intent, Princess Leonare’s efforts have been thwarted by the Dusk Riders at every turn. Furious over their meddling, Princess Leonare even crafted a binding spell using the Heart of Darkness to raise King William the Valiant and Duncan Lurder to rise from the dead and destroy the Dusk Riders. While the party was nearly decimated by these undead warlords, the Dusk Riders were able to destroy the Heart of Chondath and free the souls of their friend and trusted lord and advisor before resuming their quest to restore Chondath’s throne and overcome the Princess and Gurgan once and for all.

Princess Leonare

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