Chondath is a major kingdom within the Vilhon Reach. Renowned for its ruler, King William the Valiant, Chondath was forged on the field of battle into a major nation through both King William and his elite fighting force known at The Dusk Riders. Chondath had frequently battled many of its neighbors in an attempt to expand its borders, but hard times had forced King William to try and broker peace with the nation of Turmish. Sadly, the King and Chondath itself were undone by Princess Leonare’s evil magic along with her brutish lover, Gurgan the Reaver. Currently, Chondath is left in a state of anarchy with Weapons Master Ashby Hammersmith fighting to retake the kingdom while a new unit of Dusk Riders gathers their forces and prepare to once again restore the integrity of the throne. As of this writing, Chondath is comprised of the following cities:
  • Arrabar – Capital city of Chondath and home of the throne.
  • Mussum – Small trading, but sizable agricultural center that resides upon the Emerald Way.
  • Shamph – Part of Chondath’s “Trading Triangle” – the three disparate inner cities that each contribute to Chondath’s commerce in a unique way. Shamph is a city built upon numerous mines that are said to pierce the veil of the Underdark and provide Chondath with great wealth.
  • Iljak – The city where all illicit dreams come true. Seen as a necessary evil, Iljak is a city where the value of a business deal supersedes even the value of innocent life. An unapologetic center of fenced goods, Iljak provides Chondath with great wealth, information from throughout the realms and thugs ready to crack skulls for just a few coins.
  • Samra – “The Jewel of the Triangle” – Samra is renowned for exquisite craftsmanship and honest trade.
  • Hlath – Formally an isolated City-State, Hlath is now the second largest (and some say, the most powerful) city within Chondath. Found at the farthest reaches of the Emerald Way, Hlath provides a mighty deterrent to any foreign power that seeks to enter the Vilhon Reach with ill intent.
Over the course of their adventures, the current Dusk Riders have learned the following information:

Chondath Military have their rank denoted by the number of string/sashes on the left shoulder.

Coloring for Chondath military is red on black.

Members of the Royal Guard have gold elements complementing the red on black uniforms.


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