Dusk Riders of Chondath

Pt. 32 - The Well of Demons

As the Riders departed the relative safety of the Seven Pillared Hall, Mathis reached back to the thousands of sunrises he had witnessed in order to collect all that he knew about the Well of Demons. Mathis regaled the Riders with actual history and folklore both in order to properly frame the danger the Riders were approaching. Mathis explained that the Well of Demons was a former monastery of Baphomet and that it housed near limitless atrocities performed in the dark god’s name. The Riders, Mathis warned, should be ready for depravity of the most repugnant sort. Steeling themselves for the worst, the Riders utilized Prince’s Mother’s relic to guide them towards King William the Valiant. With every step towards the Well, sounds seemed more stifled, the halls cooled while a clammy moisture filled the air and the tin scent of blood filled the air. After a quiet journey downward, the Riders had pierced the Underdark and arrived at an open chamber which house The Well of Souls.

No sooner had the Riders entered this vile antechamber to the Well of Demons, a disembodied voice wearily warned the party to be prepared to be tested against the horrors of Baphomet. While lesser individuals might have gripped their weaponry all the more, instead, to a person, the Riders stepped closer, ready to brave whatever unholy storm they would face. The ghostly voice continued speaking and added that those who overcame the challenges within would receive “Mask, Bell, Blade and Tome.” The Riders began planning how best to breach the horrors inside, when suddenly, thorny tentacles burst forth from the floor and entangling Baern, Mathis and Munn. Immediately after this sudden strike from below, two macabre monstrosities leapt from the ceiling above where the passage opened into the room. Completely surprised by this assault, both Nyria and Banner were savaged by the creatures. If if this wasn’t enough, a ghoul soon after leapt from a pillar and immobilized Amnon. Nyria, seeking refuge from the two monstrosities, tried to assist Amnon, but was soon immobilized herself. The able Riders fought to remove the monstrosity attached to Banner, but he was instead struck twice by his friends for severe damage. The battle raged on while each of these ghastly creatures claimed more than a pound of flesh, but after extensive battle, The Dusk Riders prevailed and defeated the creatures.

Able to catch their breath, the Riders explored explored the room and discovered a well resident within the floor. As Amnon was preparing to descend into its depths, Mathis tapped into his extensive wisdom to notify the Riders that this was not the fabled well, but instead just an alternate passage into the Underdark. The Riders then found a door and listened careful, but heard no sound. Upon carefully opening the door, the Riders could not help but be taken aback by the stench housed inside. Knowing that such scents usually lead to battle, M’unn entered the hall. Soon after, M’unn spied two Gnolls and prepared to fight them with Banner at his side. As they readied themselves for those two Gnolls, suddenly four other Gnolls attacked them from the side. The Gnolls tore into the Riders, but the long history of camaraderie and battle readiness allowed the Riders to see their way through the fight with little damage suffered.

To the Riders went the spoils of this battle. Nyria found a Cloak of Resistance amongst the kennels, but as the Riders explored elsewhere in the area, they came across a target range that contained four vicious hyenas, a Gnoll Huntmaster and four Gnoll soldiers. Despite their practice, the Gnolls were no match for The Dusk Riders. The Riders cut down the Gnolls without mercy as it had been obvious that in addition to their training, these Gnolls had also been exhibiting excessive cruelty towards a large Dire Boar penned in the center of the room – likely an endless target for the Gnolls horrid training. When the last Gnoll fell, the Riders did their best to calm the beast, but sadly, it seemed too far gone to ever ease its torment again. The Dire Boar remained crazed and incensed, so the Riders did their best to comfort the beast prior to searching even deeper into the dank Well of Demons.


That fight at the entrance to the Well of Demons was one of the cooler and creepier fights we’ve had. It was all part of our Halloween extravaganza!

Pt. 32 - The Well of Demons

Yeah, there were real scares there!

Pt. 32 - The Well of Demons

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